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How much does an URBN pool cost?

We currently offer 3 different sizes of shipping container pools.

  • 12' URBN: $19,500
  • 20' URBN: $32,500
  • 40' URBN: $43,500

 This is base pricing before add-ons and customizations.

What does the price cover?

The pricing displayed on our website covers the design, manufacture, and delivery of your custom URBN pool. The price does not include installation fees as we do not perform installations. Instead, we ship the pool directly to your home. As the home owner, you are responsible for offloading and installation.

Installation costs vary greatly depending on installation type (above ground, in-ground, partial in-ground, slope, suspended) and where you live. We highly recommend obtaining multiple bids from different contractors to make sure you're receiving a competitive price.

We are happy to speak with the GC you contract for the job and answer any questions they might have.

What does it cost to ship my URBN pool?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the size of your pool. It can be as little as $1500 and as high as $5500. We've actually created a dedicated page for state-specific shipping rates. Check it out!

What deposit is required to secure my spot in line?

We require a 30% deposit to secure your spot in our design process along with your signed contract. After you approve the design, we require a 30% payment to begin the production of your pool. Once your URBN pool is is complete, we require the remaining 40% to be paid 10 days prior to shipment.

Can I finance my URBN pool?

Absolutely. URBN Pools offers financing through our private financing company. Apply Now!

How do we get this process started?

Once you've decided which size and options you'd like in your URBN pool, give us a call. We'll gather all of the details we need to personalize a contract with you. 

How long until I receive my URBN pool?

Production time is between 7-10 weeks from the date you make your first payment and sign the contract. If this is too soon, we can arrange the deliver for a later date.

Where can URBN pools be shipped to?

Using shipping containers makes shipping our pools easy and affordable. URBN pools can be shipped world wide, though most of our customers are located in the United States.

How do I get my URBN pool into my backyard?

If Superman's tied up on your installation day, you'll need to secure a local crane contractor to transfer your URBN pool from the 53' flatbed truck to your installation site. Depending on your location, we may be able to recommend someone.

What are the ways I can install my URBN pool?

There are many options for installing your pool. Here are a few in order of least expensive to most expensive: above ground, partial in-ground, slope, in-ground, or suspended. Yes, your pool can be used as a retaining wall on one side, though we recommend using a vapor barrier like Tyvek between your pool and the back-fill.

What do I need to do before installation day?

We're especially glad you asked this question! The main items include:

  • Landscaping
  • Scheduling Crane/Fork Lift
  • Running Gas
  • Running Electric

If you're considering an in-ground or partial in-ground install, pay close attention to the following items:

  • Dig a perimeter drain and install a sump pump to prevent groundwater from entering your mechanical room.
  • Add an additional 4' to the length of your pool for excavation on the seating end of your pool to create easy access to your mechanical room, also allowing the doors to swing freely. This hole can be open if on a slope, or covered by decking on a hinged door. 
  • If you choose to back-fill against your URBN pool, or use the pool as a retaining wall, we recommend using a vapor barrier like Tyvek between the Modpool and the fill dirt.
  • Allow for above-ground gas venting.

What does installation day look like?

A 53' truck will arrive with your URBN pool on the back of it. It's okay if you do a happy dance when you first set eyes on it. The crane/forklift operator you hired will remove the pool from the trailer and transfer it to the installation site.

Since your URBN pool has a built-in mechanical room, connecting everything is fast and simple.

  • Connect Electrical
  • Connect Gas Line
  • Fill With Water
  • SWIM

That's it, enjoy!

What are the dimensions of an URBN pool?

We currently offer 3 different sizes of shipping container pools.

  • 12' URBN: 12' 7" L  x  8' 3" W  x  4' 8" H
  • 20' URBN: 20' L  x  8' 4" W  x  5' 2" H
  • 40' URBN: 40" L  x  8' 7" W  x  5' 4" H

 Let us know if you need a custom length.

Is there somewhere I can view an URBN pool?

Not currently. When we move to a larger facility, we plan to keep a pool onsite for future clients to swim in.

Can my URBN pool have a deep end?

Of course! We love diving headfirst too.

Please note: this customization is a lot of work. The minimum cost to build a steel structure and new sloped floor would start at $10,000, and be custom quoted based on your design.

What is the warranty on my URBN pool?

Your URBN pool comes with a 1-year warranty from the time of purchase, covering all manufacturer defects or issues. Your pool equipment is under warranty by the pool equipment manufacturer(s).

Can I get stamped and sealed engineering drawings?

We provide generic copies - stamped and sealed versions can be coordinated through our engineering firm for an additional fee.

How do I obtain a permit for my URBN Pool

Permits and regulations for swimming pools vary greatly across each municipality. Contact your municipality directly to discuss permitting. Clarify how they differentiate between pools and things like hot tubs or swim spas that usually DON'T require a permit. This will help you determine whether permitting will be necessary for your unique situation or not.

You will likely need to prepare the following if a permit is required:

  1. Dimensions of your URBN pool (we'll give you drawings)
  2. Water capacity (we'll give you this number)
  3. Whether your install will be in-ground or above-ground
  4. Whether you will have a safety-rated cover (we offer this)
  5. Whether the pool is UL Listed (URBN pools are made UL compliant, but you will need to schedule a direct UL inspection upon delivery to get a UL Listing report)
  6. Engineering calculations (We provide generic copies - stamped and sealed versions can be coordinated through our engineering firm for an additional fee)

We are happy to work closely with you through this process and supply any additional documentation requested (provided we have it).

What types of chemicals should I use in my URBN pool?

Use standard chemicals that are added to any chlorine pool. You can reduce the amount of chlorine needed by adding our Ultraviolet sanitation system. We recommend visiting your local pool supply to have them test your water and recommend solutions.

Do you offer a salt water system?

Salt is highly corrosive in nature. Our shipping container pools do NOT include a saline filter. We may tackle this in the future but it will require a lot of time and money from R&D.

How do I have my URBN pool serviced?

If you don't already have a pool service company lined up, you can find one in your area by visiting www.swimmingpool.com and entering your zip code. Rest assured, we use top-of-the-line products from Hayward and Pentair. Any reputable service company will be able to help you maintain your system.

Does my URBN pool come with a filter?

Yes. All URBN pools come equipped with a basic cartridge filter.For more filtration options, you can add the UV Sanitation System and/or the AutoChem Management System for more filtration options.

What is the AutoChem Management System?

The Automatic Chemistry Management System continually monitors your pool's chemical balance and adds chemicals only as needed to keep your pool clean. This significantly reduces the money spent on chemical sanitation since it maintains the ideal balance instead of allowing the chemistry to get out of whack, wasting large amounts of chemicals to strike a balance again.

For those who value their time, the greatest benefit to this system is that it greatly reduces time you'll spend attending to your pool and manually monitoring it's chemical balance.

What is the UV Sanitation System?

Water circulates past a UV-C lamp, immediately inactivating 99.9% of micro-organisms including: algae, crypto, and giarida which are all resistant to chlorine. Speaking of chlorine, using our UV Sanitation System, you'll need less than 50% of the chlorine you'd add to the pool otherwise.

The UV filtration eliminates inorganic waste products leaving your pool crystal clear and healthy. UV also reduces red eye irritation, discolored hair and swimsuits, and minimizes harmful chloramines linked to asthma. It’s environmentally friendly, family friendly, and produces no harmful byproducts.

Will my URBN pool rust?

URBN pools are designed to prevent rusting. With the base structure being a steel alloy, there is a very slim chance that after some time you may see a few small, isolated rust spots. As a preventative measure, we supply you with repair materials at the time of delivery.

What kind of container will my URBN pool be made from?

URBN pools are made of hand-selected, single use shipping containers (meaning they've only been used one time). We inspect it to ensure there are no major dents or dings prior to delivering it to our shop in Ogden, UT.

What are the windows in my URBN pools made of?

The windows are made of high quality, 1” thick acrylic that is UV coated to prevent yellowing in the sun. Acrylic is very strong. A prospective client asked us if the acrylic pane was bulletproof...

"Well I know it's engineered to withstand the weight of the water once filled, but you're gonna want to rethink your life choices if you're worried about flying bullets while swimming."

What is the divider in my URBN pool made of?

The divider wall comes with all URBN pools 20' or longer which include the Swim Spa. The divider wall is made of a honeycomb structure, allowing water to pass through it while also acting as an insulator to retain heat on one side.

For it to function properly, the entire pool must be full. You can easily insert or remove the wall with two people. Slowly pull the wall up on each side of the pool, allowing water to drain out.

What is the liner in my URBN pool made of?

Before we ever line our interior, we first sandblast and caulk it with silicone. Then we apply a marine grade epoxy primer inside and out. We follow this up with two sprayed layers of a specially blended 3-part polyurea coating. The 4th layer is completed with an HP urethane clear cote finish that protects against UV damage and chemicals. If you upgraded to a custom color, we can add glitter flakes during this process.  

What type of coating is used on the exterior of my URBN pool?

We apply the same marine grade epoxy primer that goes inside of the pool followed up with a textured, waterproof liner.

What does maintenance cost on my URBN pool?

The cost of maintaining an URBN pool is really no different than an in-ground pool. You'll likely spend $800-$1200/year on power, $500-$800/year on chemicals, and $250 for one new cartridge filter/year.

Keep in mind, you can cut your annual chemical bill by at least 50% when you make the one-time investment in our UV Sanitation System.

Can I use my URBN pool in the winter?

You sure can, Jack Frost. URBN pools are equipped with powerful, yet efficient heaters that can increase the pool temp by 5-10 degrees per hour. If just heating the spa side and not the entire pool, it'll be ready for you in no time at all.

Are URBN pools heated?

The 20' URBN and 40' URBN come heated. A heating add-on can be selected for the 12' URBN.

How hot can I heat my URBN pool?

You can heat your URBN pool up to a toasty 104 degrees.

Where is the heater stored for my URBN pool?

The gas or propane heater along with other mechanical apparatus are built into your pool. You can access everything via a pair of cargo doors at the end of your pool, below the seating area. 

Can I cool my URBN pool in the summer?

As native Arizonans we know just how hot some swimming pools can get during peak hours in the middle of the summer. Ain't nobody got time for a warm bath.

ain't nobody

We offer special-order cooling systems for an additional price. These units are 125K BTU and provide heating in addition to cooling. They do not however fit in the maintenance room which means they will be mounted outside of your pool and will need to be connected to local infrastructure by your onsite plumbing contractor.

Can I make my URBN pool wider than 8 feet?

Most definitely! We offer standard widths of 8’ but have a standard upgrade to 12’. We chose this width because it fits on a normal shipping truck with out the need for wide loads, pilot vehicles and state trooper accompaniment.

If you don't mind the added shipping expenses and additional manufacturing time, we'll build any width you'd like (as long as it can still fit in our shop).

Can you make my URBN pool an endless swim spa?

We'd love to! We'll incorporate the Fastlane Swimjet by Endless Pools into your build along with all of additional plumbing. Fastlane is great for all kinds of activities, from cardio to physiotherapy to professional level training.

Can I have my URBN pool painted a custom color?

You know it! As one of our standard add-ons, you can select any Sherwin Williams color, and if you'd like, have us add shimmering flakes of glitter.

Do you offer safety-rated covers?

We offer both manual covers and electronic covers that are child safety-rated (can hold multiple adults when pool is full). 

Covering your pool when it’s not in use will help you save big on heating, electricity, and pool chemicals. This can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills each year.

The electronic cover (recommended) comes with a keyed safety switch or add a wireless touch pad to easily open your pool in 60 seconds or less.

Is the window standard on my URBN pool?

Windows do not come standard – but are part of the many options we offer to upgrade your pool. If your install allows for viewing of one or multiple walls of the pool, you won't regret this novel viewing experience.

Can I add more features to my URBN pool after it's shipped?

All mechanical equipment is installed prior to shipping. We are unable to add more features to you URBN pool after it has been shipped. You'll want to take this into consideration when going through your desired upgrades. If you need financing to cover the cost of that thing(s) you really want, we can help you out. "It's now or never," really does apply in this situation.

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